The LARK is dedicated to providing a space for Dallas-Ft. Worth area illustrators to present their talents.

What defines an “illustration”?

I would include any drawing contracted and used for commercial:

  • Graphic Design
  • Newspaper Pen and Ink
  • Cartooning
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Sign Painting
  • Calligraphy
  • Fashion
  • Anatomical
  • Story Board
  • Nature
  • Caricature
  • Tattoo
  • Scientific
  • Cartography
  • Archeology
  • Math. That’s right, math.

...or most any other image that can be drawn for which one has been commissioned to produce professionally.

If you are good at any of the above and think you can execute your image on a big ass blackboard, we’re looking for you.

These days fewer and fewer illustrators can actually DRAW. There's the rub.

  • LARK on the Park will display seven very large framed slate enamel blackboards of varying dimensions on its walls. Participants will submit sketches in either 7x12 ft. proportions(landscape) or 4.5x 20 ft. proportions (Panoramic) see Submit Page
  • All submissions should be in BLACK ON WHITE BACKGROUND OR WHITE ON BLACK BACKGROUND. No color will be used on any of the blackboards, only white chalk.
  • Illustrators will submit to this website a drawing of their choosing for us to review.
  • If selected, the illustrator will reproduce the image in white chalk on one of the boards in the restaurant.
  • All scaffolding will be supplied
  • The image will remain for three months, then erased.
  • The name of the illustrators will be printed both on the menu and beneath the image on the wall. The name of an agency for which the illustrator may work may be included if desired, or labeled “freelance” with website address.
  • No bad vibes will be accepted…porn, racism, hate, voodoo, etc.
  • However, satire, politics, commercial brands (if with releases)beauty, funk, drama, humor, rad, fashion, sci-fi , or any commentary are encouraged…..along with simple , forward thinking, and detailed. We could go on.
  • THE ILLUSTRATOR MUST BE ABLE TO EXECUTE HIS/HER OWN WORK ON BLACKBOARD. Projectors are allowed if used in time other than business hours.
  • Only the white chalk we provide may be used.
  • Illustrators must execute their own work in 1.5 days (36 hours)
  • Each illustrator will be compensated with $1000 trade in food and drink, not including tax or tip.
  • The illustrator must use the compensation in the three month period of time their work is displayed. Use it or lose it. Try not to get drunk.

I'm sure there are lots of questions that are not answered here. As you remind me of them I will post to the website. Go to contact us and we will answer.

Thanks so much for your consideration.